Privacy Statement:
Personally Identifiable Information does not collect Personally Identifiable Information without user knowledge. Personally Identifiable Information includes name, contact information, gambling accounts or any information which can be used to personally identify the user. Users must take a reasonable action of knowledge, such as fill out information about themselves, in order to allow any Personal Identifiable Information. does collect Non-Personal Information through the use of cookies and web beacons. Non-Personal Information is information that can assist in identifying which features of the website are utilized, for how long, and for what purpose but does not give us any personal information which can be used to identify any particular user. Rejecting or accepting cookies is a function that the user can control through the settings option on their web browser or gives directions via the "Help" section of the browser. Users are not required to accept cookies in order to utilize the website, although there may be features that will not function properly if the user disables the cookies settings. does not condone, condemn, or influence the use of cookies or web beacons used by websites or advertiser sites that are linked to the website. It is the user's responsibility to understand the collection process of both Personally Identifiable Information as well as Non-Personal Information used by website or advertisers that are linked to the website. does not sell, trade, or in any other manner offer Personal Identifiable Information to any other website or other information collection agency, unless compelled by a court order. In the even that is forced by court order to hand over Personally Identifiable Information, every effort will be made to contact the user, unless prohibited by a matter of law.

Website registration, email registration, and interactive tools require voluntarily providing Personally Identifiable Information. Personally Identifiable Information that is offered for any of these voluntary services requires an obvious action by the user and is limited to the information that the user themselves supplies.

Minor Use

The website is not intended or designed to attract, interact with, or provide services to children under the age of 18. will not knowingly interact with children under the age of 18. assumes no liability, however, for interactions with minors who deceive the website personnel into believing he or she is 18 or over. It is parental responsibility to know where children are interacting and with whom on the web.

Removal of Personally Identifiable Information

The removal of Personally Identifiable Information requires the user to contact the appropriate department of for removal of voluntarily offered Personally Identifiable Information. Response to email requests may take 48 working hours. All e-mail requests are handled within a reasonable time frame.

Internal Security

Internal security is very high. All employees and internal personnel are screened thoroughly and are required to handle personal information with the sensitivity it deserves. Internal personnel is subject to criminal prosecution in the event of breached security.

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